After Care

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Caulk Replaced – Clear and white caulk will cure in approximately 8 hours. Colored silicone requires 24 hours to fully cure. Please keep the area dry until the calk has cured.

Grout Replaced – New grout on a shower or tub area wall should be given 48 hours to cure after we complete our services. Grout on a shower floor should be given 4 to 5 days to fully cure before showering. Grout on other floors can be walked on after 4 hours. Rugs can be returned after 24 hours. Avoid cleaning new grout for one week.

Grout Color or Clear Seal – A floor can be walked on with socks or bare feet or by animals one hour after our services are completed. The Grout Medic recommends no shoes for 24 hours and avoid cleaning for one week so the seal can fully cure.

Natural Stone Seal – A floor or other area such as a countertop can be used one hour after our services are completed. For a shower, The Grout Medic recommends at least 24 hours be given for the seal to fully cure.

Long Term Care & Cleaning

To protect your newly clear or color sealed floors or shower walls, The Grout Medic Recommends:

  • Clean your floor with a broom or vacuum (no water) whenever possible
  • Never use abrasive brushes or harsh cleaners such as strong acidic cleaners (e.g. inadequately diluted vinegar) or bleach
  • Clean your floors with a steam mop weekly or more frequently if factors such as weather (snow or rain) are impacting the floor. Change your water frequently and use a separate rinse bucket
  • Wipe the floor dry whenever possible. This will help remove dirty water that settles in the recessed grout lines. If left to air dry, when the water evaporates, dirt it carried will remain in the grout and build up
  • We do not recommend products such as a SWIFFER WET JET or PINE SOL as they leave a residue that can attract and hold dirt
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Long Term Care & Cleaning​

To extend the longevity of your caulking service, The Grout Medic recommends these tips:

  • Leave the exhaust fan on AFTER you shower for a period of time (20 min)
  • Use a small dehumidifier in the bathroom or have your bathroom fan put on a timer with a humidity sensor
  • Towel dry the shower base and other wet areas after use
  • Clean with a vinegar and water mix (One part vinegar to four parts water)
  • Other cleaning products recommended include a degreaser (e.g. Dawn Powerwash) which is effective on soap and oils or TILE CLEANER & RESEALER from Tile Lab (sold on Amazon or at Home Depot)
  • DO NOT use chemical cleaners such as Tilex, SoftScrub or Scrubbing Bubbles as they can leave residue, remove sealers, and deteriorate caulk
  • DO NOT use bleach or ammonia as it can deteriorate the caulk resulting in increased mold

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